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Hi! We're Lewis & Love - a creative agency with a love for building beautiful brands! We create everything from brochures to touchscreens to sales office interiors - on brand, on budget, on time.
We've been delivering innovative branding, design and marketing solutions to a range of corporate and construction industry clients, locally and internationally, for over fifteen years.
By putting ourselves in your customers' shoes, we produce the most effective outcomes and build a long-term true-love relationship between your brand and your market.

Our Method


Great designs are easily heard over a cocophony of competition to connect with their viewer.

Large beautiful imagery, clean simple graphics and bold use of consistent colour are our favourite ways to ensure our clients' material stands out from the crowd.


Great marketing communicates its message clearly without losing the viewer's attention.

A strong main message, a clear hierarchy of secondary messages, and an understanding of the customer's perspective are embedded in everything we create.


Great branding goes beyond to cultivate a relationship within the heart and mind of the consumer.

Respecting the customers' intelligence, tapping into their dreams and telling inspirational stories allows our clients to develop loyal relationships with their customers.

Our values

Our Promise

On Brand

We ensure the brand story is always consistently shared. Because a single voice is easier to hear.

On Budget

We do all we can to help our clients' business succeed. Because when they do, we do too.

On Time

Nothing is more satisfying than meeting that deadline. When we say we will deliver, we do.

What Kathryn has to say...

It’s clear to see that Lewis & Love truly love our brand. Our strong new aesthetic and emotive marketing material have been integral to our success.

Kathryn Wilkinson, Clarendon Homes QLD

What Charmain said...

From the powerful iconography to the integration of the industrial design with the architect's intent, Lewis & Love demonstrated a true understanding of all aspects of design.

Charmain Derlin, DPA Architects

How Stan feels...

Lewis & Love is our secret weapon in a very competitive marketplace. Their outside-the-box thinking has provided our sales team the leverage they need to outperform our competitors.

Steven Stankovic, Clarendon Homes QLD

What Bern thinks...

The Kensington Park branding was beautifully targeted to the high-end market we were pursuing. The resulting pre-release demand meant we had a very successful launch.

Bernadette Nutman, Kensington Park
Small team. Efficient systems. Telepathic powers. We save. You save.
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