Clarendon Homes

The Summer Of Luxe

The Summer Of Luxe

In the competitive home building market, Clarendon Homes’ promotions were a key driver of sales performance and an integral part of their marketing plan. After the success of the "End of Year Sale" promotion, Clarendon asked Lewis & Love to repackage the same offer as a luxury promotion to cut-through the market and have the endurance to last through January, February and March 2018, without appearing that it was the same offer.
Project Details

Title: The Summer Of Luxe

Type: Promotion

Client: Clarendon Homes

The promotion was very well received by the sales team, who appreciated its ability to boost their sales process, and so well received by the market that it was extended by two months.
The campaign successfully launched in a multi-channel strategy including radio, press, print, signage, web, email and social media.

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