Creative Director

Gavin Lewis B.Des MDIA

Age  |  38
Nationality  |  Dual Australian & Dutch
Languages  |  English
Location  |  Brisbane, Australia
Phone  |  +61 7 3435 1509

Connect. Communicate. Cultivate.

My method has become our mantra. Not only in how we design and deliver creative projects that resonate with their audience, but also in how we build and manage relationships with our team, our clients and others. The 3xC's are at the core of everything we do.

On brand. On budget. On time.

It's a common saying in the creative industry… “Good. Cheap. Fast. Pick two.” And for the everyday creative agency or marketing department, this is true. But right from the start of my career I wondered, “Could I achieve all three?”. Twenty years later and the answer is a resounding “yes!”. A compromise on quality was never on the table, so it was a matter of discovering, developing, testing and implementing new systems and methods such as “The Lean Startup Method" to increase efficiency and lower costs. The results provided both my employers and later my own clients, an invaluable edge in responding to competitors actions in the market faster and more effectively than before.


Great designs are easily heard over a cocophony of competition to connect with their viewer.

Large beautiful imagery, clean simple graphics and bold use of consistent colour are our favourite ways to ensure our clients' material stands out from the crowd.


Great marketing communicates its message clearly without losing the viewer's attention.

A strong main message, a clear hierarchy of secondary messages, and an understanding of the customer's perspective are embedded in everything we create.


Great branding goes beyond to cultivate a relationship within the heart and mind of the consumer.

Respecting the customers' intelligence, tapping into their dreams and telling inspirational stories allows our clients to develop loyal relationships with their customers.


Professional Member

Design Institute of Australia
As Australia’s peak industry body for professional design, the DIA represents Australian design and designers both domestically and internationally.

The DIA exists to help Australia’s professional designers succeed in business and enjoy their working lives, while collectively growing Australia’s reputation as a Design Nation. It brings together design practitioners with people and organisations who employ, commission, support and promote designers.

DIA's professional members are experts in design thinking, creative problem solving and innovation. Collectively, their professional members represent a broad gamut of disciplines in both established and emerging fields of design. They include (but are not limited to) spatial designers, communications designers, industrial designers, design educators, systems designers and design managers. Other members include individuals and organisations who understand the importance of design to Australia’s cultural identity and economy.


Since 2006 I have held a Creative Director role as both an employee and through my own business, and as such, have gained extensive leadership experience in managing teams. Running my own creative agency has taught me the value in developing and implementing new systems to improve efficiency, increase profitability and reduce turn-around times for clients.

Development of skilled staff through hands-on training and creative opportunities has also proven invaluable to increasing the quality of output, job satisfaction and employee loyalty. Through my experience I've learned that a design team that works well together in a rewarding and happy environment will produce the most creative and effective results.
Leadership, % 95
Project Management, % 95
Client Relationship, % 95
Internal Communication, % 85
Time Management, % 95
Admin Systems, % 90


Director / Creative Director

2009 - now: Lewis & Love
"If you are Lewis, who is Love?"
Love is our point of difference. It’s what we add to everything we do. It's the “cultivate” in our mantra.

Lewis & Love is a multi-disciplinary creative agency with a love for building beautiful brands. It delivers innovative branding, design and marketing solutions to a range of corporate and construction industry clients, and builds long-term true-love relationships between brands and their markets.

A year after putting it on hold, White Hawk was rebooted as Lewis & Love, on request of Newland Developers (Metricon’s partner company) that required my creative services outside of my Metricon role. Eighteen months later it was agreed I could serve both Metricon and Newland more effectively solely through Lewis & Love. The national campaigns I had produced during my time within Metricon had gained admiration within the building industry and additional new clients came aboard with relative ease. The last ten years with Lewis & Love has seen my role as Creative Director evolve to embrace new technologies and digital platforms, particularly social media and interactive mediums.

Director / Product Developer

2012 - now: Lewis Boxes
Lewis Boxes is the packaging design partner company to Lewis & Love focused on investigating new opportunities to help companies save money, increase their efficiency, and reduce their overall environmental impacts. Dedicated to finding better solutions through better design, Lewis Boxes currently has patents in over 30 countries, licensed to manufacturers around the world.

I founded this company in 2012 after having an idea for a quick open cardboard box, which I soon patented and trademarked as “Simpull”. The business itself is very low maintenance, having outsourced the patent application process to an IP Law Firm, the licensing process to IP Brokers, and the creative content to Lewis & Love. The only input required is for product development which I do in my own time. I have however gained an immeasurable amount of knowledge of the patent and trademark process as well as enhancing my product development skills.

Creative Director

2008-2011: Metricon Homes
Metricon is Australia’s leading home builder and at the time I joined was a half-billion dollar business with over a 1,000 employees in Victoria and Queensland. It soon after expanded into New South Wales and South Australia, cementing its position as number one home builder.

The end of 2008 saw the start of the GFC and at White Hawk I noticed our clients were holding back projects. At the same time I had been approached by Metricon to fill their very attractive internal role of Creative Director. I placed White Hawk on hold and took the opportunity, with the goal of learning more from inside a large construction company, working alongside top level management, and directing a larger team. My time with Metricon proved invaluable with experience gained in developing and rolling out new brands and promotional campaigns on a national level, as well as other varied creative projects such as the design of their Colour Studio and Sales Offices.

Director / Creative Director

2006-2008: White Hawk
Founded in January 2006, White Hawk was my first business, a creative agency with a diverse array of clients, from pinball hire to underwater museums. The vast majority of projects, however, were for professional services, and the construction and resource industries.

This was my first role as a Creative Director and I successfully directed a small flexible team of freelance designers and consultants to produce effective creative material that we were proud of. My role also for the first time required sourcing and developing relationships with new clients.

3D Animator / Graphic / Motion Designer

2003-2006: v2i
Located on the Gold Coast, Australia, V2i (Vision to Implementation) is a multi-disciplinary creative agency, focused on the construction and resource industries. Originally founded as a Master Planning & Urban Design firm, they quickly grew to include 3D Visualisation, Marketing and Communications.

My initial role as 3D Animator soon expanded into Graphic Designer and then Motion Designer, producing material as diverse as fly-through animations, illustrated master plans, interactive DVDs, multimedia presentations, TV commercials, and branding of project developments.




Design Skills

The last 20 years have provided a wide range of learning and experience opportunities across an array of design disciplines - from digital campaigns to wayfinding signage, from corporate copywriting to the production of TV commercials, from patented packaging to the interior design of sales offices.

I believe the principles of good design are fundamental across all design disciplines, and applying knowledge gained in one field to another produces new creative solutions and greater opportunity for a business to outperform its competitors.
Branding, % 100
Graphic Design, % 100
Digital Design, % 100
Motion Design, % 95
Industrial Design, % 90
Product Design, % 85
Web Design, % 80
Interior Design, % 75


Master of Design (Digital)

2005 (Deferred): Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia
After two years employed as a designer, I added part-time study of a masters degree to further my digital design skills.

The Master of Design suited my goals as a designer to complement my existing knowledge with the frameworks, strategies, technologies and tools to solve complex problems and integrate design-led strategies into existing practice. It advanced my skills and knowledge of emerging practice, experience design, design thinking, storytelling and advanced design technologies, offering routes for practice orientated work, design strategy and leadership. I worked on real-life client projects within an inter-disciplinary setting, using both collaborative and individual working contexts to expand my knowledge of human and user-centred processes at professional industry level.

After completing the first year of study, an opportunity arose to start to my own creative agency, White Hawk, and I deferred my studies.

Bachelor of Design (Product)

2000-2003: Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia
This program prepared myself for a diverse professional practice as a designer through practical and theoretical learning. The first year focused on the development of manual and technological skills, design thinking, problem-defining and solving. I gained an understanding of the changing role of design and how to become a leader in the industry. In the following years I worked on industry-related and research projects and specialised in my selected studio area of Product Design.

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)

1999 (first year): Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia
As part of my first year, I developed a strong foundation in basic science and engineering principles, practice and management. I studied a range of engineering areas to help me decide on my engineering passion in preparation to take advantage of future opportunities in Australia and overseas. I learned about current industry practices from academics who are leaders in their fields. This degree had a strong practical focus and the first year provided an opportunity to develop work-ready skills through 'learning by doing'.

At the end of the first year, I found my engineering passion was more closely aligned with industrial design and I transferred to a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Product.





I was first introduced to Adobe Photoshop 3.0 in 1996 during high school and have been using the full Adobe package almost daily ever since. My skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign were greatly improved through the graphic design portion of my Bachelor of Design degree.

As part of my Bachelor of Design I also became proficient in AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max, leading to my first employment after graduation as a 3D Animator with V2i. However, since then my need of both programs has been reduced, but my understanding of their capabilities has been essential in the coordination of other designers and third-party agencies.

My role at V2i was initially expanded to Graphic Designer, then later to include Motion Designer after I was provided with training in the rest of the Adobe software package - After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition and Encore.

The first year of my Master of Design (Digital) added Adobe Dreamweaver to my repertoire.

In addition to design software, I'm also proficient in the full Microsoft Office package as well as a variety of other task specific software such as media encoders, email testers, and online platforms, etc.
Adobe Photoshop, % 100
Adobe InDesign, % 100
Adobe Illustrator, % 100
Adobe After Effects, % 95
Adobe Premiere Pro, % 90
Adobe Dreamweaver, % 85
Adobe Audition, % 80
Adobe Encore, % 75
3D Studio Max, % 75
AutoCAD, % 75